Enhanced Viewing Angle Solution

IPS Full View: 178° Without Blind Spots
Enhanced Light Transmittance
Unleashing Colors from Every Angle

Extended Temperature Range Solution

Resistant to cold down to -40°C and withstands high temperatures up to +85°C, designed to handle tough conditions with a broad temperature range.

Sunlight Readable Display Solution

Enhancing the visibility of LCD screens in bright light by using optical bonding, combining semi-reflective and semi-transparent features.

Fog-resistant Touch Panel Solution

Anti-Dew Technology
Heat Control Technology
Waterproof Encapsulation Design
High Transparency Materials
Anti-Fingerprint Coating

Touchscreen Surface Enhancement Solution

Anti reflection (AR)
Anti fingerprint (AF)
Anti glare (AG)

Gloved Touchscreen Solution

Designed to respond to touch even when wearing support gloves, in wet or sweaty conditions, catering to the diverse touch requirements of various industries.